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Check out demos from our cross-platform solutions
Nova Core
A desktop app providing realtime news feed, charting and generative AI tools.
A cross-platform mobile app that connects people to workout groups across 50+ sports.
An equity research assistant in your pocket. Talk to chatbots about corporate filings.
Sudoku Puzzle Palace
A Sudoku application available on iOS and Android. Endless free games and 0 invasive permissions.
Cosmic Trek
Our very first mobile application. Travel through space and avoid asteroids!

About Kingfisher Tech

Kingfisher Tech is a dynamic startup at the forefront of developing full-stack cloud enterprise solutions, specializing in scalable, high-performance applications. Our journey began with the vision to innovate within the tech landscape, leading to the creation of Cosmic Trek. Our expertise lies in crafting tailored solutions that serve both public and private sector needs, with a proven record of rapidly going to market.

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